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April 30, 2001

Spring begins many things, including my first love -- baseball.

There really isn't much that beats a spring or summer day, sitting in a favorite ballpark, watching baseball, eating nachos and just relaxing with a friend or two or 36,910. I would someday like to travel to every major league ballpark, but I'm going pretty slowly right now. I've visited just seven. Plus, I can't seem to stop going to my favorite place -- Wrigley Field in Chicago -- so maybe at least I'll see all the teams play there.

April 23, 2001

What do Theo Huxtable, Adolf Hitler and Magnum P.I. have in common?

1. They are names of my plants.
2. They have all recently purchased an iMac.
3. The computer knew I was trying to be each of them during an Internet game.

Are you serious? How many plants do you think I have?

April 16, 2001

It's a good thing there are Internet weather sites. Yes, it's beneficial for travelers to know if it's going to be nice at their destination. It's great to know if a large snowfall is coming, so everyone but bartenders can be off work. You can even check out the weather where all your friends live.

April 2, 2001

I'm not usually one to steal ideas for a column, but this one was too good to pass up. Macworld had a story in its April edition about free stuff on the Internet. I wouldn't consider myself one of those people who go to different fairs with the sole intention of seeing how many magnets and pencils I can collect in a plastic Go Army bag, but if something's cool and free, I'll give it a try.

From the Archive

August 6, 2005

As online purchasing and window shopping becomes more prevalent, seeing what other people think about particular products has grown in popularity as well.

True, not every website out there has online reviews. For instance, I've yet to read any reviews on the Weather Channel ("Man, your weather sucks!" or "That lightning storm was great, but we could have done without the exploding generator."). In the meantime, many sites that sell a variety of products are turning to the consumer to hawk their products.

September 25, 2005

Many people in Western culture are starting to take search engines for granted. I'm not talking about just having a computer and having access to the Internet. I'm speaking of what you can and cannot find in some of the top engines themselves.

November 10, 2008

During the weekend, I had a chance to finally attend the Baltimore Writers' Conference. There had been times in the past when I was thinking about going to one, but I could never fit it into my schedule. Luckily, I think I picked a pretty decent one to attend. First, it happened to be at Towson University, where I attend grad school. Second, there was a pretty good crowd of people there, all of whom seemed like qualified members of the writing profession.

December 16, 2004

I'm getting extremely close to finally publishing the book I've been writing for at least five decades. I feel like there are just a couple of things left to do, but at the same time, I'm not quite close enough to smell the paper on the newly printed book.

Here's another sample. Actually, this is from the beginning of the book. I will have a couple more updates in the near future regarding the book, including how you can get a free copy. Hey, I need to figure out some way to get people to read it!

September 11, 2000

It's August 21, 1858, in Ottawa, Ill. You had planned on eating your lunch, which consists of whatever they ate in 1858, plus a box of Twinkies, but instead you are attacked by the flock of people heading to the public square. The sun is shining brightly so brightly, you decide it must be 1:55 p.m. You notice two people on stage, both men in their 40s. One of those guys looks just like Abraham Lincoln.

Wait a minute, it is Abraham Lincoln!