You must answer two extremely meaningful questions -- the answers

Posted on June 18, 2001

Here are the answers!    

Your answer: chips/cookies

You are oftentimes looked upon as the Second Coming, except for the times you drink excessively. On top of that, you socialize with females way too much to be Jesus. Your friends think you're cool, even if they can't remember the name of the girl you took to the prom.

You will someday soon move to a far away place (say, Alabama) and end up with a job somewhere even farther away (say, oh, Texas). You may also even fly through Atlanta for a while. From there, your future is clouded and dotted with stars.

Your answer: morsels/milkshake

The only thing that separates you from the controlling ability of Darth Vader is the helmet. Oh, and the cape. Oh yeah, and the James Earl Jones voice. You have a penchant for sports, due primarily to being raised in a place that has a concession stand in the basement.

There is a wedding in your future, I see. Everything should work wonderfully as long as the non-morsels/milkshake people are allowed to BYOB. When looking at your job future, I see only a bunch of numbers.

Your answer: morsels/cookies

Wanderers seem to pick the morsels/cookies combo. Sometimes you're not even sure where you live, although usually you find a place to stay, regardless if they are having cauliflower for supper.

It does appear you will settle down a little in your future, but there also appears to be some top-secret information you have been given. You should keep this information intact, even after 564,501 games of pool.

Your answer: chips/milkshake

You have trouble making up your mind about what you truly want to do, so instead, you make up some lame story about it in the process. Don't be hesitant about things, unless it involves dating psychotic girls.

It's obvious you will change jobs a few times, change your life direction a couple times as well, but hopefully you will end up doing what you want to do, if you ever figure it out. In the meantime, just please the people who have made your life a joy so far.

Now for the evidence:


on Grimace -- milkshake U.S.A.:

Grimace's Garage -- yep, definitely milkshake


For All Occasions -- nope, grimace cookies (I think that

kid is made out of plastic!)


Grimace Cookie Jar -- he even has a cookie jar!


and Friends -- Grimace Cottage -- Grimace has lost his



& Ann's Happy Meal Page Tricky Trackers 96 -- grimace

has a milkshake vehicle?


Search: peanut butter morsels -- morsels definitely


Brands -- morsels for either, chips for either!


Kitchens -- wait, maybe it's chips

This should give you enough options and let you make your own decision. Good luck because those two questions hold the key for your life. OK, maybe they don't mean anything, but I guess you never can tell.