I know where you clicked last night

Posted on October 25, 2006

While navigating most websites, you are faced with numerous decisions. Should you click the link? Should you fill out the form? Should you mute the annoying music, which sounds like a cross between a pipe organ, chipmunks and Rod Stewart, being emitted from the site?

If you have a website, I can help you with the music problem: REMOVE IT FROM YOUR SITE! Better yet, I can help with you finding out what your visitors are clicking on your pages. Actually, I should say that CrazyEgg can help you.

By visiting CrazyEgg, you can sign up for an account and generate code to determine exactly where people are clicking. You can even see a heat map for all of user interaction on your site. I suspect that the hottest area will be the link that says "Please shut off that stupid music!"