... and we're back

Posted on January 4, 2020

I've finally launched the new Yes, it looks a lot like the old one. I upgraded to Drupal 8 (from Drupal 7). I managed to go all of 2019 without writing anything on this site. I hope to write a little more, especially as I launch a new book in the upcoming months. Thanks for reading!

Obama wallpaper

Posted on November 8, 2008

The day after the election, I had a chance to check out all of the front pages from around the world. It was remarkable how many international newspapers had Obama as the top story, and as expected, a number of U.S. papers devoted their entire front pages to election coverage. I created an Obama collage of the papers as a tribute to our next president. Feel free to use as a screensaver or desktop image!

Partying online since 1999

Posted on October 10, 2008

I recently added six months' worth of columns from my first job out of college, at the Crawfordsville (Ind.) Journal Review. The articles appeared both in print and online, and while some of them are obviously outdated, it's interesting to remember what was going on 10 years ago. Wow, I've been writing web articles for a decade! I don't think there are too many others who can say that. Google recently celebrated its 10th birthday, and the oldest index the company has available is from 2001.

New website

Posted on August 21, 2008

If you're here, you've probably already figured this out. But just in case you aren't paying attention ... here's to the new and improved website!

I'll be adding plenty more items in the upcoming weeks and months, but the tough part was getting it started. I've built the site using MODx, which has to be one of the best, if not the best, PHP-driven content management system.

Feel free to check out new and old articles, leave comments, take the surveys and let me know if you find stuff that doesn't work! 

Snail mail the newest tech advance?

Posted on July 6, 2008

Next time someone mentions that they plan to send something to you via snail mail, you may need to specifically ask them whether or not you should expect it in the next few weeks or few years.

Your phone number might MEAN something

Posted on November 30, 2006

It's a sad state of affairs when people no longer have to remember telephone numbers. I remember a handful, but it's no longer a necessity with my cell phone. This becomes a problem when you lose your phone, however, or have some other phone malfunction. If you have a cell phone, I'm sure you're familiar with malfunctions, as they seem to happen just about every 48 minutes.

See the world as it once was

Posted on November 16, 2006

If you haven't already visited Google Earth, you're really missing out. Sure, you can actually visit places in person, but this is one of the best alternatives. That is, assuming you don't want visit random places in the middle of nowhere, which can't be seen anyway in the program.

Best PowerPoint presentation ever

Posted on November 3, 2006

It's difficult to imagine life before Microsoft PowerPoint, right? I mean, how would ANYONE be able to get his/her point across to the masses without the use of slideshows, silly graphics and amazing colored boxes?

This is exactly why even Abraham Lincoln prepared his famous Gettysburg Address using PowerPoint. Don't believe it? Take a look here.

I know where you clicked last night

Posted on October 25, 2006

While navigating most websites, you are faced with numerous decisions. Should you click the link? Should you fill out the form? Should you mute the annoying music, which sounds like a cross between a pipe organ, chipmunks and Rod Stewart, being emitted from the site?

If you have a website, I can help you with the music problem: REMOVE IT FROM YOUR SITE! Better yet, I can help with you finding out what your visitors are clicking on your pages. Actually, I should say that CrazyEgg can help you.