A very fun, thoughtful book.

I've worked in cubicles (though briefly) and have had experience (limited) programming. I don't think either of those things is really necessary to appreciate the book.

I want to hand this story to a friend who works in HR (and had to get through firings after a merger of two big publishers) as well as the programmers I know. Most of this book has to do with friendships at work and weighing happiness/personal goals against corporate (relocation/recruitment) demands.(WRT romance)I think the course of Jason and Ditya's relationship was sad (but in a realistic way). I do feel that the green card "information" was a bit disconnected from the rest of the book.

I do want to put together a list of Indian movies and corporate reading to catch up on (based on the references given in the book).

I read this book over three mornings/nights. If I could have, I would have zipped through it in one shot.

Somerville, Mass.
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