Adam Shepard

I found the book laugh-out-loud hilarious at some (many) points. Being a developer myself, some of the characters (or should I say caricatures?) were spot-on. When I tried to explain some of it to my girlfriend (non-technical), she said, "I don't get it...what's so funny?" The overall plot was an interesting one, although the timelines were (perhaps necessarily) compressed - a company of 5 people might not actually be able to put together a full-featured government portal like this one, and successfully pitch it as fast as they did.

(Constructive, hopefully) criticisms - plot pacing was a little uneven at times. Sometimes action proceeded very quickly, other times, not as much. Very subtle, almost like staring at a monitor with a low refresh rate for too long; just slightly fatiguing, I guess? I also thought the characters' voices were different enough, though perhaps not distinct enough to fully separate from each other or the narrator. I could hear the narrator through the characters, I guess.

All in all, fun read, and I look forward to your next book.

Baltimore, Md.