Compatibility Test

Here are 10 questions that will help define the icon with whom you are most compatible. There are 12 people who you might be paired with: Sean Connery, Ben Affleck, Elton John, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Cher and Shania Twain.

Make sure to answer the questions as honestly as possible or else the test will fail. And even if you answer all the questions honestly, there's no guarantee you'll end up being compatible with the right person! But it's worth a try, right? Also, make sure you enter you name and email address. This information won't be used for anything other than these test results.

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1. What type of accessory do you find most appealing in your dream date?
A. Hat
B. Sunglasses
C. No accessories
D. Earrings
E. Large Sunglasses

2. How important is age for a potential mate?
A. The older, the better
B. The younger, the better
C. Age really isn't that important
D. Close to the same age as I am
E. I usually don't know the other person's age

3. What type of music do you hope your date listens to?
A. Pop, Top 40
B. Heavy Metal
C. It's not that important
D. All country, all the time
E. No country, none the time

4. Your potential date is not entirely happy with a particular part of his/her body. What do you say?
A. "You look great in that dress, so stop thinking you don't."
B. "I don't think you need plastic surgery, but if you want to look like Fabio, it's your decision."
C. "Well you've fixed everything else, so one more surgery won't hurt too much."
D. "Maybe if you wore different types of clothing, you wouldn't think about it."
E. "You're kidding, right? I didn't think guys thought about stuff like that."

5. Where do you envision your most compatible person being born?
A. A small town, likely in the south
B. England (ING-GA-LAND)
C. Big city
D. Doesn't really matter
E. South of the border

6. What are your feelings about dating someone at work?
A. If you meet the person of your dreams, then go for it!
B. This is a boundary that is not meant to be crossed.
C. I wouldn't seek out someone at work, but if it happens, it happens.
D. I would be against it, but I wouldn't say never.
E. As long as you aren't dating more than five or so people who work at the same place, I don't see why not.

7. What type of hairstyle do you think looks the best on a potential mate?
A. Long hair
B. Long or short, it doesn't matter
C. Short hair
D. Curly hair
E. Little or no hair

8. What word or phrase best describes your best match?
A. Outspoken
B. Introverted
C. Intellectual
D. Articulate
E. Bubbly

9. What is the most important physical feature of a dream date?
A. Eyes
B. Hair
C. Facial structure
D. Mouth
E. Other

10. How would you want to approach life, if your significant other was a celebrity?
A. Our business is everyone's business.
B. Our business is no one's business.
C. Some things should be kept from the media.
D. As long as there is some good publicity with the bad publicity, it's all the same to me.
E. Work and play should be separated.