You're not the only one behind on your work

If you're in the technology field, and you feel that every project that you work on is completed close to 38 years late, you are not alone. reported that a market research firm Info-Tech Research Group says 95 percent of IT groups don't deliver their projects on time, at least not to the satisfaction of the client.

The article goes on to show that these projects have not been failures but appear to be not completely defined by both parties involved. Because of the changing nature of technology, it is sometimes difficult to go into a project knowing everything and then coming back with exactly what you wanted.

My recommendation for technology companies is to make it clear to customers what you are planning to do for the price you give. Furthermore, make sure they understand if the process deviates - especially if the customer changes his/her mind - that additional costs could be added.

As always, the second option is to never finish the job. That won't make your client happy, but then again, you're probably wondering if anything will make them happy in the first place!