You are worth at least a grain of salt

If I told you that somewhere in the world, there sits a huge container filled with salt, one grain for each person on the planet at the very moment, would you believe me? Of course not, but little do you know that it does, indeed, exist at The Salt Monument in Boulder, Colo.

The link listed actually takes you to the fourth page on the site, simply because the introduction is a bit over the top, if The Salt Monument wasn't already over the top as it is. It is definitely a novel idea, as the caretakers of the monument add and subtract salt daily to account for the earth's births and deaths.

Unfortunately, it would be terribly difficult to be precise; the site claims that at any given time, The Salt Monument's accuracy is plus or minus 10 percent. On top of that, the initial salt, as well as the newly added salt, is based on an average weight per grain, which seems to me that it could potentially continue to be further away from the actual measurement of the people in the world.

What's even worse, however, is "At the Salt Monument" cannot even be sung to the same tune as "At the car wash." Then again, that might be a good thing if you're cleansing your salty car after a snowstorm.