Yahoo again blamed for Chinese citizen's jail time

If you're using Yahoo for email or any type of service and you want to criticize the Chinese government, you may want to think twice about it.

London-based Reporters Without Borders said recently that Yahoo gave key information to jail southwest China's Li Zhi for subversion in 2003, after he posted comments about official corruption.

It's a tough call in determining what global Internet companies should do with this. On one side, they want to be in a vibrant, growing market as China, but on the other hand, they have to obey and virtually censor content, which is not the case in much of the rest of the world. To me, it's rather lame that Yahoo would sell out its users so quickly. Maybe these sites should explicitly state that they are collecting data that can be used against you.

We can only hope this doesn't translate into increased censorship in other parts of the world. Until then, be careful what you say about China. In fact, you might want to make sure you never visit China AND possibly never visit a website with the word "China" on it, including this one.