Where would we be without parking garages?

I'm sure most people overlook the importance of a parking garage, but luckily, there are people on the Web who don't overlook ANYTHING.

I haven't been able to find an exact history on parking garages, but I found all the information I ever wanted to know about them, and some that I didn't want to know anyway.

First, an overview of the parking structure, who is supposedly working on two books about parking garages. Shannon, when are you going to write these books? This site contained a bunch of good links, including the National Parking Association. No, I'm not making this up.

Finally, a Google search produced a New York Times article on Automated Parking. Yeah, you pull your car into the garage and robots put your car in the parking space. This might seem futuristic, but it's already happening in Europe and a few locations in the U.S. Maybe the garage I use will be converted, because the people in there definitely have trouble driving up the ramp and parking in a timely fashion.