Vote if you can

Posted on October 31, 2006

The time has come again to actually make a difference in the outlook for your city, county, state and country. Will you be an active participant this time around?

Sure, one vote may not mean much. But if everyone used the same philosophy, no one would vote, except perhaps the candidates and a few random people who vote Mickey Mouse every year. While it would be nice to have streets made out of cheese, do you really want a mouse running the house?

The hardest thing about voting is finding time to catch up on the issues. Fortunately, with the explosion of websites, you can find just about anything you need regarding the candidates.

A good place to start is Project Vote Smart. By typing in your zip code, you can easily find your current government notables, as well as those who are running in the current election.

Unfortunately, every single candidate doesn't have an issues profile, but many of them do. The next place to find out about your favorite government people would be the media outlets in your region.

Regardless of how you vote, make sure you check out both sides of the fence, at least to some degree. It's difficult for me to believe in the negative campaigning, and it's a shame it has to resort to it. Maybe if people request the facts and not succumb to the mud-slinging tactics of many politicians, we can get back to business with running the government on all levels.

And that starts with your vote on Nov. 7.