Using a keyboard without using your hands

Posted on October 21, 2007

Typing is obviously an essential part of utilizing a computer. Without it, a person would have a difficult time accessing websites, creating documents and sending email. Fortunately, those individuals who cannot use a standard keyboard now have an alternative.

The lomak, which stands for Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard, allows people to type by moving a sensor attached to either their hands or heads. All of the normal keyboard options are arranged in circular fashion, giving easy access to letters, numbers, arrow keys, etc. A "Confirm" button resides in the middle of all three keystroke circles. To operate, a person would point the light sensor to the key of choice, then also point to the "Confirm" button.

The idea seems intuitive enough, although maybe a bit cumbersome. Then again, so does attempting to type messages on a cellphone, which some people have no problem doing, either. Whether or not the lomak catches on as the definitive standard for fingerless keyboards is difficult to determine. However, there's no question that it can be seen as a viable to solution for individuals who do not have the capability of finger typing.