Unnamed musician mad at MySpace

The recent buzz on the news wire is that there's a clause in the MySpace agreement that allows the social networking site a royalty-free, worldwide licence to publicly display posted content.

My reaction, along with the most obvious reaction to this, is simply "Duh."

There's a reason I'm not naming this particular musician (but I will provide the link, in case you want to read more, or don't believe me). This just seems like a publicity stunt, more than anything, or else the man is not quite up to speed on the Internet.

MySpace is a site to SHARE content. If you want to share all of it, that's great! If you want to share a little, that's cool too. If you don't want to share any, then don't complain when you post it.

I wouldn't put up my entire book on the site. But it seems logical for me to add content, including portions of my novel, because it may produce interest. It's the same thing as iTunes allowing users the ability to listen to sound bytes before purchasing songs.

It's reasonable a musician may not know everything about MySpace, but to complain about it seems rather immature. His best course of action will be to remove his music and profile from MySpace, so the world can forget about him.