Trying not to dunk cookie usage

Posted on June 19, 2005

Out of all the mysterious things on your computer and/or the Internet, cookies seem to be near the top of the list. From, a cookie is defined as a file on a Web user's hard drive (it's kept in one of the subdirectories under the browser file directory) that is used by Web sites to record data about the user.

Of course, any savvy computer user (OK, basically any user who isn't asleep all the time he or she uses the computer) knows that many websites stash cookies on local machines. Unfortunately, many people think that is always a bad thing, which is definitely not always the case.

That is why Marketers are trying to inform the public about the positive uses of cookies. For instance, there are plenty of sites that use stored information to help fill out forms easier, and others use them to serve other potentially pertinent info, like ads, to the user.

Then again, there are still plenty of websites who utilize cookies to closely track users, and it's tough to tell the difference. Furthermore, the Cookie Monster now even eats fewer cookies. It appears as if it'll be awhile before cookies will be a good thing again.