'Tis the season for college basketball

Posted on March 10, 2005

If only college basketball could take precedence over other things, like work, sleep, eating, etc., it would be possible to consume all of the necessary information to select a perfect bracket this year. Most of us, though, do need to continue our regular life, and due to unforeseen upsets, all of the information available still might not help us win our office pools.

But it doesn't hurt to try. Here are a couple of sites you should be familiar with, so you'll be ready when the brackets are finally announced:

- iSportsLinks - Man, there sure are a lot of different bracket games.

- College Basketball Ranking Comparison - This site compares all the teams against the seemingly billion types of rankings out there.

- ESPN.com's Championship Week - This is a good information source, if you can tolerate the four hours of random advertisements.

- History of the Big Dance, since 1985 - Although the tournament has been played since 1939, it's interesting to see what has happened during the last 20 years, complete with full brackets. You may notice there is a link for future tournaments, but no, the correct teams are not filled in, Biff.

- BostonSportsHub.com's tournament analyzation - Some of the research here is pretty basic (The team with the better shooting percent usually wins? Really?), but there are good assessments for picking the correct teams in the bracket.

And of course, I have my own important expert advice:

1. Pick at least one 5 seed to beat a 12 seed in the first round.

2. Pick at least one 7 or 10 seed to beat a 2 seed in the second round.

3. Pick at least one, and probably two, 1 seed(s) for the Final Four.

4. Believe in the folks at Bracket Magic.

Remember this, and you should be good to go!