Time to work on your decision

Posted on February 3, 2008

If you have managed to ignore all talk so far about the upcoming presidential election, I commend you from a particular standpoint. How on earth can you tune out something as important as that? Do you have the new Bose BodyPhone, which enables a person to completely shut off the real world entirely? I thought the BodyPhone was only in prototype?

Anyway, now is your chance to get back into the mix. Even if you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about who you want to vote for, rest assured that I can help. Er, I guess I won't help as much as Know Your Vote will.

The site is a great place to start because of its organization. There are separate pages for important issues, separate pages for the candidates and also links to sites with additional information. In 10-15 minutes, you may not know everything about every candidate, but you should at least have a start for who should be in office in 2008.

Put the BodyPhone away until 2009 ... there will be plenty to ignore after the election.