Time travelers hit the web

Posted on October 10, 2004

Recently I was in one of those click-and-conquer moods. You know, where you find something decent to read on a news website, then you see another link, which takes you to something else that looks pretty interesting.

So I clicked on a headline ad titled "Time Can be Turned Back," which proved to be thoroughly entertaining. The story goes that US physicist Mariann McLein, along with British and American researchers, sent a weather balloon, equipped with a chronometer, high into the air over Antarctica on January 27, 2004. When they brought it down, the instrument read January 27, 1965.

Of course, there could be only one explanation for this ... time travel!

All right, now back to the real world. Supposedly they checked the chronometer, and it was in working order. It wasn't reported that any of the researchers all of the sudden found themselves dressed as the Beatles, although one of the British guys did start whistling "Hard Days Night" out loud.

You can do a web search for Mariann McLein, and you'll come up with this same story, but no proof this person even exists. She is also not listed in the Wikipedia. The work is top secret, you say? The laws of Physics are being written and rewritten every day, but for now, unless she's a friend of Huey Lewis, I seriously doubt she found a way to go back in time.