Time stands still when waiting for Star Wars

Posted on May 13, 2002

I finally discovered something I could not easily find on the Internet: tickets for the newest Star Wars movie.

Sure, it is still a few days before "Attack of the Clones" opens in the United States, but I should already have tickets in my hand. I'm not claiming to be the biggest Star Wars fan in history. I've never dressed up as Darth Vader in public or dated a girl named Yoda. True, she was from Dagobah. But I do have a lot of Star Wars memorabilia hanging on my walls at home, and all of my action figures are stashed away in places I can get to easily.

I saw the "Phantom Menace" on opening night and definitely wanted to keep that tradition alive. I finally found tickets May 7 at Cinemark. I had planned on using Jedi mind tricks, if necessary, but a friend sent me a link instead. We're going to the 8 p.m. EST showing at Tinseltown in Louisville. People will see it before me, but I can handle that.

The only problem is until then, I have plenty of space that needs to be taken by something. I can take only so much of the NBA and NHL playoffs.

There are three major Web sites in which one can find all the Stars Wars news a person can fathom: TheForce.net, StarWars.com and JediNet.com. Honestly, there isn't a whole lot of difference in these three sites. They all contain up-to-date information, excellent photos, including the true Star Wars hero, Natalie Portman, and backgrounds on the various characters, worlds, etc.

I did find more niche Star Wars sites that you wouldn't believe actually existed if I didn't tell you. The Waiting for Star Wars Project has kept me entertained for at least two minutes, which is a minute more than most Web sites. I recommend the Waiting with "Battleship," in which you have to destroy the Rebel Fleet before your Imperial Fleet is destroyed.

If you're like me, you spend countless hours each day chewing gum and trying to remember exactly why your Han Solo in Bespin outfit is missing an arm. Maybe you should visit The Star Wars Collectors Archive to see thousands of other toys. You can even find a handful of toys that were just prototypes, fakes or existed only in other countries. An extremely rare toy is the Turkish Uzay Head Man Figure. Can you believe this is supposed to be a Star Wars character? It's like he was an AT-ST driver and decided he liked C-3PO's helmet better.

Don't forget to take the test to find out your Star Wars twin. The test shows you which movie charcters you are most alike based on a set of questions. Another interesting site is the Star Wars Blooper Guide. I find it bizarre there are so many bloopers/errors in the movies, but then again maybe that's what makes them special.

But no site can compare to the Lego Star Wars Trilogy. It's one thing to build the Millenium Falcon out of Legos, but it's another to build all three movies. According to the Web site, it took the site's producer 2,500 hours, mostly free time, to complete the picture movies. I don't know if it would be super cool super strange if he decided to build a Lego full-size Queen Amidala, but it would be worth seeing.

I had hoped writing this column would get me closer to May 16, but it's still a week away. I don't think I can wait any longer to see "Attack of the Clones." I'm just happy I have my tickets already. Well actually I don't have them, but I have purchased them already. So as long as I don't get stopped by an Imperial Blockade on my way into Louisville on Thursday, I should be there.