Thank you Columbus, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Emo Phillips

Posted on August 14, 2006

I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by during my weekend Borders book tour. I was really encouraged by the turnout in Columbus, especially considering I know few people up that way.

It is usually interesting when I attend these signings for "The Developers" because I never know where the bookstore is going to "store" me. When I arrived in Columbus, they had a table and 15 chairs set up near the back of the store. I prefer to greet people as they walk in, and Scott, the store manager, obliged. I arrived 30 minutes early and talked to people almost the entire time I was there.

In Cincinnati, it was a bit slower, but it was at night. Apparently, everyone was the Tri-County Mall across the street. I could have stayed later, but instead, we left to see legendary comedian Emo Phillips, who was performing in Newport. The show, was great, and we had a chance to talk with Phillips after his act. It seems that everyone wants to know whether or not he acts as hapazardly in person as he does on the stage. I can tell you for certain that he ... well, you should find out yourself.

I ended the weekend with a Sunday appearance in Crestview Hills, Ky., and a fewer former co-workers stopped by. The strange thing with the Borders in Crestview Hills is that more people come through the back entrance. At least, this is what I was told. So I was positioned near the rear entrance, when all of the people looking at books were up in the front. In retrospect, I should have requested to move, but at least I'll know the next time.

The next time comes soon! I'll be in Illinois and Indiana this coming weekend. I'm in the process of setting up additional dates across Kentucky and Indiana, so check my appearances page, if you can make it. I might be lost in the store, in case you can't find me.