Test your skills as a hacker

Posted on January 12, 2005

If your one of those people who like to tinker with computer systems and see what sort of trouble you can cause, I have the website for you.

The HackersLab is free webspace that contains video game-type levels. The site, which began in 1999, is an alternative for hackers so instead of tearing down the Internet, they might be able to sharpen their skills for a better good.

The site has been running a bit slow the past few days, but maybe that is the first test in the game. Maybe there's a way to solve the riddle of the slow Internet. Oh, I think I found the problem. You have to register first before you can try to defeat any of the 17 levels. I haven't had time to hack any computer systems since high school, when we found a way to send instant messages to each terminal. I can't say the teacher enjoyed that too much.