Tech news from someone who knows it

Posted on July 8, 2006

I oftentimes pass along links to other news sites, but I rarely pass along sites you should bookmark. That is, unless you go ahead and bookmark every single site you visit, just to see if you can collect the whole set on the Internet.

But if you want to read interesting technology news, visit The Pulpit, which is the home of PBS' technology writer, Robert X. Cringely.

I haven't investigated yet as to what the 'X' stands for (Xavier? Mac OS X? Land your plane here?). I guess it doesn't matter too much. In this case, the X marks the spot for timely and interesting exposes on computer stuff. The articles date back to 1997, so it's interesting to take a trip back and see what things were like during the early stages of the Internet boom. And at least by looking at the article titles, Cringley is right, more often than not.

So maybe the X just stands for the proper checkbox on your typical high school or college exam. It's too bad he couldn't change his middle name to a filled-in bubble.