Start the fire and learn to dance

I like to dance. I may be the only columnist on the

Web who would make such an outrageous statement.

Not to put other columnists down, but I can't imagine

Dave Barry breaking out into Salsa or George Will doing

the Lambada. If I could imagine that, I wouldn't, because

it creates a very unpretty picture. With or without


Maybe if they had more time, they would visit their

local dance halls. Heck, Barry lives in Miami, so surely

he could find a decent Latin nightclub there. Wait a

minute, if he had MORE time? Writing a weekly column

shouldn't take that long, maybe on average 15 minutes

a day. I guess the man does have a family and has to

answer fan mail. What does fan mail look like? Maybe

I have some too!

Anyway, back to dancing. Long, long ago, before there

was fire, and before there was Earth, Wind and Fire,

dancing was a popular event amongst humans. Realistically,

they thought dancing would produce fire, but instead,

someone finally rubbed two sticks together to make this

great invention. And I must remind you, Billy Joel had

nothing to do with it.

Nowadays, dancing is seen more as a feminine activity,

at least by many outside observers. Little do they know

that in clubs all across the world there are actually

males, some of whom resemble Michael Jackson, and others

who resemble Andrew Jackson, burning up the dance floor.

If you are perplexed, check out this article on Why

guys dance. If you are ready to move on, put down

that George Will article and get your maracas.

It appears that many males are not comfortable with

their dancing techniques and therefore shy away from

cutting a rug. If you are one of those types, I have

the solution for you: Visit Bustamove

and learn to dance immediately!

Bustamove has combined knowledge with short movie clips

to show the world how to do variations of Salsa, east

and west coast swing, hip hop and wedding dances. For

example, in the Salsa

section, there are beginner, intermediate, advanced

and club steps. Choose the free preview to see a sample

of that particular step. You may be able to learn the

moves just by watching the preview; if you need more

help, you can purchase the series of step-by-step moves.

One word of caution: You might be surprised to learn

that it's overwhelmingly difficult to Salsa by yourself.

Although I was able to practically perfect the Cross-Over

Break with Spot Turn, my dance partner, Broom Outofthecloset,

had trouble with her footing.

I think George and Dave would agree that the only thing

missing from this site is a breakdance section. Don't

worry fellas, just visit

for all sorts of killer moves. There are videos of some

moves, including the Worm.This

will surely set the place on fire if you can perform


I hope you utilize these links to relieve your reluctancy

to dance the next opportunity you have. Maybe I'll see

you at a club some day. Bring Dave and George too, although

you may have to pull the fire alarm to get them out

of the office.