Spam turns 30, but it's still trying to give away a million dollars of Nigerian inheritance

Posted on April 27, 2008

Just for an instance, don't be a spam hater. You don't actually have to open anything in your inbox with "enlargement" in the title. Just play along for the simple fact of nostalgia.

The first spam message was sent May 3, 1978. You can check it out here. Someone at the Digital Equipment Corporation sent out an email to people on the Arpanet, somewhat a precursor to today's email. Of course, people weren't too happy about the email, and it was a couple of years before another spamlike message was sent, and then another, then another and ... the rest is history.

The funny thing about this particular message is that it invites people to check out a new computer. It's not necessarily malicious, and although I've never seen the DEC 2020, it doesn't seem as if this message would swindle money from anyone. In fact, it seems fairly tame compared to many company email newsletters.

The big difference, of course, is that no one on the list asked for the email. Happy birthday spam ... and I'm sure you'll have many more!