Someone needs to start an online gigantic cake business

Every once in awhile, there's something I cannot find on the Internet. Usually it's either something to do with lists of people's credit card numbers or food, and this item is no exception.

Melissa, a somewhat concerned reader, wondered where a person could purchase a cake that could be jumped out of. I had mentioned a cake like this in a previous column, thinking it was funny, because it never actually happened. I guess I didn't understand at the time the repercussions this could have.

To help out Melissa, I tried to find a place ANYWHERE that could make a cake like this, but I came up short. There were many bakeries that mentioned they could make huge cakes, but no place seemed to specialize in them. I have a feeling if someone wanted to start a business like this, he/she might be able to reel in the dough. Ha!

I gave Melissa this advice: "Your best bet might be to call around local cake shops to see the size of cake they can make. Another option would be to make a cake out of posterboard. If you have artistic skills, you might be able to do that, and it probably would cost a whole lot less. The third option could be a hybrid of the two, so the part where the person will jump out is paper, but maybe the top or the sides is actually a cake."