Say, you look familar

I think I may finally be able to enter into the Guiness World Book of Records. The record I have set just recently is the fact that I look like 45,120 other people.

I wish there was an explanation, but so far, I haven't heard one. Why does everyone think I look like someone else? Not that it's a bad thing. I'm not sure if it's good, bad or vote none of the above. But it is amazing I could look like so many different people.

For instance, one of my college professors told the whole class on the first day I looked like his friend Butch. So for the rest of the semester, I had to repeat to classmates that Ben was my name, even though the teacher kept calling me Butch. Lately I've been compared to people anywhere from 18 to 31. I guess this beats being a 2-year-old, when I had longer hair, and everyone thought I was a girl.

Maybe people think I'm really a doppelganger. According to, that is "a spiritual or ghostly double or counterpart; esp., an apparitional double of a living person." But wait a minute: Can ghosts type? Does this disqualify me from other records I'm currently trying to outdo, like making the world's largest waffle?

It is common for people to see similar characteristics and traits in people they know. ESPN has an entire section devoted to it called Here's Looking at You. You can even submit your own look-a-likes to be featured in another segment. Fortunately, I didn't make that list, and neither did Butch.

Ben Woods as River Phoenix
Here's me.
River Phoenix as River Phoenix
Here's River.

What might be the most remarkable thing is I've never seen any of the people to whom I've been compared. And I wasn't wearing two eyepatches either. No one ever seems to have pictures of these mysterious "other" people. A friend did tell me once I looked like River Phoenix. I'm assuming it was in his earlier years, considering he's dead now. I did find a few photos that I do see a little resemblance. But when he was younger, there's not much of a comparison. I probably outweighed him by a good 50 pounds.

Little did I know that the market for looking like a celebrity is huge. With a few simple searches I found numerous impersonators, some of whom did look almost identical to an alien version of that celebrity. From Sean Connery Lookalike, Nick Richmond to Stacy as Britney, there are more impersonators of celebrities than actual celebrities. I'm expecting the day to come when celebrities are impersonating impersonators, and if that happens, I'll never get to eat my waffle.

I decided to post my photo as River Phoenix at Am I a Lookalike. Check it out if you get a chance and vote. Better yet, send in your photo and who you look like.

So now the real question remains: Do I look like someone you know? I'd like to get the total up to 50,000 just so Guiness doesn't think it's a fluke. E-mail me at

if you know someone I look like.

I'm thinking about joining the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators if this all works out. There appears to be plenty of work out there, whether it be with the Entertainment UK in Surrey, England, or Splitting Images in London. It may not be worth it just to go to Europe to be a River Phoenix impersonator. Then again, I could work on yet another record. Do they allow 2-story waffle irons on airplanes?