Save money at the gas pump

Posted on September 10, 2005

I thought that maybe fewer people would drive since gas seems to be more expensive than an average vehicle. But I'm still waiting in traffic all over the place, on the way to and from work. Hasn't it occurred to anyone that we are all paying close to twice as much for gasoline as we did a year ago? Wouldn't they be interested in knowing how to conserve their fuel?

Well, I didn't see anyone raise a hand, but I'll tell you anyway. Or, I should say will tell you. The site has 13 Easy Ways To Save Money On Gas. No. 1, obviously, is to not drive an SUV. But one that few people realize is by driving closer to the speed limit on highways, you can save a fair amount of gas. According to the article, it takes 20-30 percent more gas to drive 70 mph as it does at 50.

You can go more than 50 miles per hour, though. Take a look at the list and see what things you can do to help keep your wallet fat. Just make sure you don't lose it in traffic.