Report: Correlation between elderly health, gambling

Posted on September 16, 2004

A recent study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that there is at least some commonality between the health of the elderly and whether or not they visit gaming facilities. Click here to check out the abstract and the full study.

Of course, there needs to be more research on the topic, but out of the sample of people interviewed, the ones who gambled seemed to be in better physical and mental condition. The researchers found about half of the more than 2,000 interviewees had gambled during the past year, and older recreational gamblers were more likely to report better health.

I'm no psychiatrist (at least not yet), but let's face it, can ALL these people really judge their own health? This seems like a strange study, determining the health of people 65 years and older by calling and asking them. I realize it would have been difficult to give all the people individual tests, but still, I think this needs to be examined a little more closely.

Oh, I forgot to mention this same group of gamblers were also more likely to drink than the non-gamblers. So that begs the question, how many of these people were drinking and gambling while being interviewed?