Psychopaths not just running the streets ... they are running companies!

Posted on August 21, 2005

Robert Hare knows what a psychopath looks and acts like. He doesn't know because he is one (let's hope not!), but he has enough experience working with psychopaths to see how they work.

But instead of focusing on those men and women who are portrayed to society as mentally ill, he has turned his discussions to CEOs, bosses and company folk in general. As an emeritus from the University of British Columbia, in Canada, Hare discusses psychopathy and P-Scan, a test used by various organization to test for insanity.

The problem, Hare says, is very rarely are important corporation heads tested, and as he is quoted in an article on, "These are callous, cold-blooded individuals."

And maybe now you're thinking, "Yeah! My boss is psycho. He won't let me sleep at work." But seriously, take a look at some of the Bosses from Hell, and I think you'll see you have it made. Then again, maybe you don't, and your boss is one of the scary ones. If you're not sure, take the quiz Is Your Boss a Psychopath? Well, unless you are the boss, you might not want to see for yourself.