Proof once again computers have all the answers

Posted on May 14, 2001

While I'm still tallying responses from my last column (of which I plan to have in-depth coverage next week), I did want to address a concern from one reader.

Actually, she's not a reader, I don't even think she will ever read that column. But she wasn't pleased with a comment/answer in the questionnaire. Although she knows it was purely a joke, she wasn't too thrilled.

So I decided my reconciliation would be to write the rest of this column about her.

Of course, the tricky part is trying to tie this into my main goal -- to finally take my colored glass to the recycling place. No wait, that's second goal; the first is to give you knowledge of computers, the Web and anything else you want to know. Some of you have even written directly to me with questions, and I hope I've helped you out. I encourage those of you who still have questions to write as well.

Back to the girl. She is pretty