Programming without hands

Some people may think having a job as a website programmer is equivalent to being paid to surf the Web. I have to say to them that they are totally wrong. Or, maybe they are somewhat wrong. OK, they are right much of the time, but still there IS work involved. I'm just avoiding it for a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, there are bad things associated with sitting in front of your desk all day and typing. According to New Science Tech, the creators of VoiceCode hope to alleviate at least one of these items: repetitive strain injury. Apparently, this effects more thank one-fifth of all programmers, although I don't think anyone in my office has been afflicted with it just yet.

With VoiceCode, programmers will be able to write code without typing, using the voice recognition software. Of course, this also assumes the software will work with a user's voice, and it assumes that the program will know the syntax of whatever language the programmer is using.

It's definitely an intriguing idea, and I don't doubt that in the future, many computer users will be able to do more without using their fingers. There would need to be extensive testing before it became the norm in the programming world. The best thing about this, however, could be the ability to not even look at the screen while working. I will also wait for the software that can pull thoughts directly from your mind, without even having to speak them. Being able to sleep and code at the same time would be great, but I guess that's just a dream for now.