A place for those old business cards

Posted on January 20, 2006

Are you one of those people who have boxes of old business cards sitting around, hoping that someday they might be worth something on eBay? Of course not, that would be insane. Unfortunately, I'm not here to tell you today that they are worth something, because they aren't.

That is, unless you are Steve Patterson of Knoxville, Tenn., a certified cardeologist. He has almost reached the 100,000 plateau of business cards, and he's heading toward 1 million.

If you don't believe me, check out his site, cardeologist.com. It's not a half-bad website, if you consider it's all dealing with old business cards. Check out his wish list while you're at the site, and maybe you should start sending him your duplicates.

I guess I have plenty of old ones to send, but I use my old biz cards for short notes, grocery lists, etc. I don't keep a collection of them, but maybe there's a purpose for used business cards as well.