Photoshop is not a verb!

Posted on October 9, 2007

I've photoshopped a few files in my time. What? I can't say that? Oh great. I've just used the term "Photoshop" illegally.

According to Adobe Systems Incorporated Terms of Use, there are specific ways to use Photoshop. No, not the actual program, but just the word for it. Yes Adobe, we understand that trademarks are important for corporations and the identity of products.

Unfortunately, you do not have control over terms, if they become generic enough. If I say, "Can I have a coke with my meal?" that could refer to a number of carbonated beverages. Coca-Cola may be happy or sad that the name of its biggest soft drink is used in that fashion. Apparently, Adobe is going to try to stop its Photoshop app from the same fortune.

And I'm going to guess that the company will fail at this.