Party's over ... time for real work

Posted on July 30, 2006

Louisville Mayhem on Friday, July 28, was a success. We had a pretty good turnout, a lot of food, people took home some nice prizes (and some silly ones) and we raised a little money for Volunteers of America. Thanks to everyone who made the evening possible, and for the great turnout.

Here's the list of winners:

Carl West - four-color pen

Eric Bailey - bingo bucket

Mary Rising - bingo bucket

Nick Ress - Integrity computer bag

Dave Plummer - tub of cheese puffs

Sharon Adams - smiley face t-shirt

Brad Cathey - nacho poster and Qdoba gift card

Nathan Lauer - Best Buy gift card

Charlie and Peggy Dawson - Book Sense gift card

Thanks again to everyone who made Louisville Mayhem a fabulous event!

Now for the fun part ... visiting random bookstores to persuade people to read my book. I'll let you know how it goes!