Now THIS is cooking

Posted on September 15, 2004

If you've ever seen a recipe in a cookbook, you've probably noticed how complicated the instructions can be. (Eds. note: If you have never seen a recipe, you might want to never admit that in public, or at least, never while you are serving any type of casserole to a large group of hungry sumo wrestlers.) Cooking For Engineers makes fixing new dishes a breeze by displaying the directions in an easy-to-use, moderately graphical format.

It's somewhat hard to explain without seeing it. All the ingredients are on the left side, followed by the next block, which tells you how to prepare them individually. Then the next step shows which ones to put together, then another possible combination of things, and this basically continues until everything is in one big vat, pot, pan, whatever.

Another cool thing on the site is a simple calculation field to convert different types of cooking measurements. Oh, it's just Google's calculator. It's still pretty cool because I have trouble remembering how many milliliters are in a cup.