Not everything in science makes sense

Your local (or not-so-local) scientist is currently busy trying to figure out many things, including cures to terminal illnesses, ways to make the environment safer and the reason why reality TV is so popular. But on top of that, there are numerous other things that have researchers scratching their heads, wondering basically why the universe doesn't collapse on itself and why aliens keep playing peekaboo. produced a list recently of 13 things that do not make sense. Many of the items listed deal directly with outer space and the limits that exist (or don't exist). But at the top of the list is The Placebo Effect. This basically is the effect that occurs when doctors give a group of people (the control) saline pills, instead of the actual medicine, to monitor acute differences between drugs. Now, it appears that saline pills do some good for certain things.

While dark matter and cold fusion are also on the list, it's definitely apparent scientists have their hands full with many strange issues. Maybe they can get the aliens to help them out.