No joke, some octopi can walk on two arms

In what appears to defy the laws of nature, an octopus has been videotaped taking a leisurely stroll along the ocean floor in Indonesia.

"I do this all the time," the octopus said. "What's funny is I recently showed my friends a videotape of people walking on two legs. They were stunned."

OK, so the octopus can't quite talk yet, but you can review to video and more info at the UC Berkley NewsCenter. If you have never seen an octopus in action, I urge you to go snorkeling sometime where they exist.

The bipedal movements from an octopus mean much, much more to us than you think. The researchers are now trying to piece together the possibility of building an octopus-type robot, utilizing soft robotics.

"Hey, anything I can do to help the humans," the octopus said.