Newest reviews for 'The Developers'

Posted on April 11, 2007

My workplace humor fiction book, "The Developers," has been out for nearly two years now. As a self-published book that's now available through national distribution chains, it's definitely difficult to expect everyone to read the book at once. I've found that it's more like the five-year plan of trying to get the word out. With the release of my new book next year, hopefully I can discuss them somewhat in tandem.

Anyway, here are a few of the newest comments about the book:

If you liked 1984 or Brave New World, you will love The Developers. It's a novel about a team of geeks who are trying to build a web for a Michigan town that will give total access of everyone's home to the government. The paranoia of Big Brother watching is prevalent throughout the book and makes for a suspenseful read. Woods gives us all something to think about in an age of technology, terrorism, and invasion of privacy.

- Joyce DeBroux

Reader's Book Emporium

Rocky Mount, N.C.

Santa Claus brought me a copy of "The Developers," and I'm enjoying it. I especially get a kick out of the guy who looks like Richard Simmons :-)

I just finished the book last night; I always like a story with a happy ending :-)

- Georgette Beatty

Carmel, Ind.

I loved you book. It was the first book I read which I had fun reading it. It made me laugh at times which for a book to do is hard. Overall, it was a great book I just hope you write more so I can read more of your writing.

- Danielle

West Lafayette, Ind.