New website lets you create your yearbook online

Posted on June 12, 2007

Building a yearbook can be an arduous task. In high school, clubs and/or classes compiled the yearly piece during months of development. Sometimes, however, it would be nice to create a simpler yearbook or possibly even just an individual book that you can share as a gift for friends or family members.

The MemoryBook Studio gives you the chance to be your own editor and publisher. By following the step-by-step instructions, the MemoryBook Studio allows you to select specific page layout types and edit photos and text via the web.

"The site is right now promoted to schools and sports teams," said Jean-Michel Bertrand, who is the site's creator. "We have been working with schools for the past year and have 'manually' created the yearbooks but with six yearbook layouts coming up, we are trying to reach schools all over the USA and Canada."

The user interface is intuitive, although it could probably use a bit of a facelift during an upgrade. But this is something somewhat unique right now, so I'm sure that as long as people find the MemoryBook Studio as a viable solution to creating yearbooks and memory books, the site will surely continue to grow.