New stalking, er, tracking, er, technology tool

Posted on February 5, 2009

Google recently announced a new product available for a number of cell phone devices called Google Latitude. The program allows you to see other people, assuming they have opted into the system, on a Google-generated map. Users have the ability to allow access to their location to only certain individuals, and while the product isn't quite ready for the iPhone, it should be functional already for Blackberries and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

The benefits to this are fairly obvious, like knowing when someone is coming home or finding your group after being separated from it during a large event. But do they positives outweigh the fact that Latitude can essentially track someone's whereabouts at any given time? Google says that people can choose who can see their locations, but in theory, Google could still have a universal map of everyone. While some will call this new technology, I call it old school uniformity, Big Brother style.