Living in cardboard maybe isn't so bad

Posted on January 2, 2005

Building a playhouse/fort out of a cardboard box used to be a chore enough. Now, Australian researchers and architects have created something that goes beyond that: a fully sized and usable cardboard house that can be completed in six hours by just two people.

There are a few other ingredients to the house other than cardboard. The roof covering provides additional building support as well as daylight handling duties. The ducts underneath the floor collect water and also hold the structure in place. Energy and inside lighting can be powered with a 12-volt car battery.

Regardless of the innovation, I don't think these will pop up near us anytime soon. The cost of the house is $35,000, and I'm not sure there are many parts in the world where this structure would be stable enough to survive. Then again, it is transportable, so if you do purchase one, keep driving until you find a nice place to settle, possibly in a cave.