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Since the comments page is getting pretty full, I decided that I should pull out some of the newer items on occasion. Here are the two most recent reader reviews for "The Developers."

Anyway, great book. I love any fiction books that can keep me interested in the plot and characters. Awesome pop culture references.

I'm really getting into the characters. I think you do a great job in setting up the characters, their pasts, etc. You are good at writing women, by the way. How did you learn how to do that?

I am enjoying the bits of mystery that are popping up. So many questions and I want to find out where they take the book.

- Azure

Lancaster, Mass.

I really liked The Developers, and a few of my friends like it, too. I guess all of us have a little bit of the IT nerd in us. Or maybe it was the relationship issues.

- Chris