Kentucky government again lays claim to Internet lunacy champion

Posted on April 7, 2010

The governor of Kentucky has decided to take on the online gambling industry himself. He has decided to sue the owners of the Full Tilt Poker website to recover losses incurred by Kentuckians.

Those who are against gambling are probably heralding Gov. Steve Beshear as a hero ... only he's actually for gambling. His main beef is the fact that these dollars are going to online sites outside of Kentucky, instead of going to Churchill Downs and the horse racing industry. The last time I checked, playing poker and betting on horses are pretty different, but gambling is gambling, right?

Then there's the problem, even if by some stroke of bizarreness, Kentucky were to win the lawsuit, it might have some trouble obtaining funds. the Full Tilt website allows contestants to compete against each other in winning money, and the website takes a fee per game. So if a player loses $500 in poker, the majority of that money is going to other players, who could be in the state or elsewhere.

So why on earth would a state commit to fighting this lawsuit? Well, according to the story, a law firm is moving forward with this pro bono. Good luck with that, Mr. Lawyer Who Doesn't Understand the Internet. I wouldn't bet on winning this one.