Kentucky Book Fair - I don't understand

Posted on November 9, 2012

The 2012 Kentucky Book Fair begins today in Frankfort, and, well, I'm not sure if anyone knows or even cares. The idea of a book fair in Kentucky certainly appeals to me, as it should all book-lovers.

Back in 2006, I submitted "The Developers" for a spot in the fair, but I was declined. I assumed I submitted late, or perhaps there just weren't that many spots. However, after seeing photos of the actual event, and noticing the lack of media coverage, I thought that maybe it just wasn't very big and no one actually attended.

After publishing "Corporate Ties" at the end of last year, I thought I would again submit my latest and make a weekend out of it, possibly doing other appearances in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Unfortunately, I was again denied. Again, there was no reason, other than they had spots for "only" 150 authors.

I've checked the website and looked at some of the books, and I honestly have no idea how they made their selections. It's not filled with best-sellers or celebrities or books published by only large presses. Maybe I again mailed my submission too late? If so, why wasn't I given that information up front?

I want to support Kentucky and its book audience, but it's difficult when I can't even get into my home state's book fair. Oh well, I guess I'll focus on other things, like the beginning of college basketball!