Keep people out of your workspace

Posted on August 18, 2009

It happens to everyone ... you're trying to finish some work, but that crazy guy/boss/stalker chick/cougher/obnoxiously loud lady keeps pestering you every five minutes. How do you solve this crisis?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to CubeGuard. It's essentially a banner you stretch across your cube entrance to keep out unwanted souls, which enables you to "Protect Your Productivity." Choose from a few standard messages or even create your own custom message?

It's true that you'll have to actually install CubeGuard by yourself. And yes, you'll have to either take it down or step over/under it every time you leave your cube for bathroom breaks, meetings, lunch, etc. Oh, good point, this won't keep the sound out of your cube. And yes, I guess a person coming to bother you could easily get around the banner as well.

After looking at all of the facts for the CubeGuard, I have one suggestion for productivity: Work from home!