Keep from hitting the snooze button with a moving alarm clock

Posted on March 27, 2005

I've never been much of a snooze bar pusher, but I can't say the same for some of my college roommates. I never understood why they would purposely set their alarms early and then be awakened six or seven times before actually waking up. That's more than an hour's worth of sleep lost to, in my opinion, just being lazy.

An MIT researcher is currently working on developing Clocky, which is an alarm clock that basically rolls away from you when you hit the snooze button. It appears to just roll around the bedroom, and once it finds a nice spot, it comes to rest. Then, when the alarm goes off again, the sleeping person has to go on a scavenger hunt to find Clocky, assuming the person wants to turn it off.

Visit the MIT Media Laboratory Clocky page for more info. This would make a great Christmas present, once it's out on the market, for those who just won't get out of bed in the morning.