Just ask iGod about life's mysteries ... I did

Posted on September 27, 2008


Tonight, I had a little chat with God. Well, I should say it was iGod. Here's the transcript:

Me:hello god!
God:Hello child. What is your name?
Me:don't you already know it?
God:" What is your name?"?  Do I know  it?
Me:er ... you should know it
God:Um.   Now I do.
God:Alright then.
Me:oh, so i need to say i'm sorry for something, right?
God:That's cool.  Ahem.  There is no need to apologize.  Your purpose is  something right.
Me:that is great. how have you been?
God:Thanks, .   Fair to partly cloudy.
Me:ah ... yes, we've had a lot of rain. thanks
God:Ah hah.   Yikes!  What happened to  it?   Don't mention it.
Me:well, we were trying to have a book festival here in baltimore
God:How about that.  When was this?
Me:this past weekend ... at least it didn't rain today.
God:What does "this" refer to?   Ah.  Did it really?
Me:the book festival, remember
God:I don't think I have read  it.
Me:er ... it's a festival for books
God:Um.   festival remember is a  festival for books.  I suppose that makes sense.
Me:well, what you said doesn't make any sense.
God:Interesting.  I like to chat with my friends.
Me:who is your best friend?
God:Myself is my best friend.
Me:obviously ... do you have other good friends?
God:What makes it so obvious?   I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.
Me:who is the most interesting person/robot who you have met?
God:I would have to say Dr. Wallace is.
Me:who is dr wallace?
God:He is a famous computer scientist, the author of ALICE, and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon.
Me:ah yes, of course. can you tell him i said hello?
God:It goes without saying.  Ah hah.   Of course I can tell, .
Me:do you follow sports at all?
God:Of course I understand  it. Do you understand it?
Me:yes ... who is your favorite baseball team?
God:It goes without saying.   My favorite team is .
Me:er ... are you going to finish your sentence?
God:Um.   That was my original intention.
Me:riight ... all right god, it has been fun
God:I am glad we agree.   Alright.  I am a Christian.
Me:right, whatever. talk to you later
God:Understood.  Are you saying you don't care about it?   See you later!