This is just annoying

Posted on September 28, 2004

What do the PGA Tour, "Full House," Michael Jackson and the IRS have in common? I mean, besides the obvious, that Bob Saget is the president of each of their fan clubs? If you said they all made the Most Annoying list, you were right, but you probably also peeked to figure that out.

As of right now, there are 12,572 public figures you can rate on the site. It's fairly remarkable there is so much traffic on the site, yet besides ranking people and short bios, there really isn't much there. But any time you can quickly review biographies of Conan O'Brien, Ken Jennings, Rodney Dangerfield and the Big Boss Man (four notables In The News on the site), it's sure to bring out people from nowhere.

Wait, I did find something not so annoying. You should take the three "Are YOU Annoying?" quizzes, just to verify people shouldn't be voting against you. I'm going to see what I need to do to get in the Tree Names collection of celebrities.