John Wooden, Ted Allen and ... Ben Woods?

Posted on April 22, 2006

The Purdue University Liberal Arts featured myself and The Developers in its spring issue. I had communicated with a representative in Alumni Relations about sending information for the magazine, but little did I know that they would devote more than a quarter of a page to me. I shared the page with Ted Allen, the cook from "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy," who is also a Purdue grad. On the preceding page, basketball great John Wooden, yet another Purdue alum, is spotlighted for receiving a reward. But again, the writeup about me is close to twice as long, which of course, surprised me a bit.

Speaking of Wooden, I recently emailed Coach from his official website. I wanted to offer him a copy of The Developers, but it sounds like he's pretty busy reading already. His assistant wrote that Wooden said, "Ben, I've got more books piled up than I can read in decade. But thanks." I wonder if he'll recognize me in the alumni magazine?