It's never too late to purchase Christmas gifts

Posted on December 24, 2004

Even though it might be after Dec. 25 by the time you read this, it is still not too late to make that last shopping run. This year, especially if you live in the Midwest, your excuse will work even better:

"I ordered your present online, and it hasn't arrived yet."

That simple sentence should give you at least an additional week to make purchases. And with the 236 inches of snow some areas have received, there's no telling when a present, even ordered after Lincoln's birthday, will appear.

If buying a gift now, your best bet is to just include the recipient's mailing address. This, of course, gets you out of wrapping AND delivering the present. in fact, if you can somehow manage to get someone else to pick out the gift and pay with it, you will have completely eliminated yourself from the Christmas buying equation. And to that, I say good riddance, and good job!